Eva Daily’s voice is soft and soothing, almost Zen-like as she patiently explains how to perform the Lagree movements that make up the workouts she teaches at KP Pilates Plus. But make no mistake: Eva’s classes are intense. She pushes her students to break out of their comfort zones to leave the studio feeling stronger, healthier, and happier. In other words, this yogi brings major results.

Eva teaches more than a dozen classes every week at KP Pilates Plus – the only Lagree Fitness studio in Long Beach. Here, she talks about her love of movement, going from Lagree student to Lagree instructor, French Twists, and more.

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been an instructor at KP? How many years have you worked in the fitness industry?

I’ve been a Lagree Instructor for about three years at KP now. Previously, I was teaching yoga, but after about a year of teaching Pilates I started teaching at another studio as well in DTLA and now teach Pilates exclusively as well as Spin.

Why did you choose a career in fitness? What got you started?

I chose a career in fitness simply because of my love of fitness and moving in general! I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. I love to sing, act, and dance. I found my love of yoga after some ankle injuries from dance left me lacking major balance and mobility. After becoming a full blown yogi, I found the Lagree Method and fell in love! I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be hired at KP after being a consistent member of the studio for some time, and was originally brought on to be a yoga teacher, I later became certified to teach the Lagree Method.

How did you find Lagree? What drew you to the workout?

When I first moved to downtown Long Beach I saw the studio down the street and it peaked my interest! I had tried traditional Pilates, of course, but never the Lagree Method. I was never a big fan of traditional Pilates because it lacked the intensity I look for in a workout. I tried Lagree on a whim, hoping that this style would be a bit more intense. I think it’s safe to say I was pleasantly surprised!


What’s the best part of teaching Lagree?

What’s not to love, really? It doesn’t feel like a real job most of the time, to be honest. It’s just fun, and hopefully I can be the better part of someone’s day as well as motivate them to achieve their fitness goals or just de-stress!

Favorite Lagree exercise and why? Probably French Twist at the back of the machine for the obliques – because it never gets easier!

What’s on your agenda for 2019?

I recently got NASM certified this past year and am also doing a course for plant-based nutrition through E Cornell University. I hope to expand my knowledge of the body, so I can be better at helping others achieve their goals and start working more with clients one on one. I would also love to own a studio of my own someday, as I think that could be a fun challenge!

Four years ago this month, “Uptown Funk” was the number one song in the country.

Barack Obama was still president.

And KP Pilates Plus Long Beach opened its doors in downtown Long Beach.

It’s our studio’s fourth anniversary! A lot has changed since then, right? Some good, some bad, some interesting. We are celebrating our anniversary by looking back, giving back moving forward.

Everyone at KP is grateful for our amazing clients. We’ve watched many of you literally transform before our eyes the last four years! The Lagree Method changes you inside and out. It sculps your body, gives you confidence and – at least for one 50-minute class – allows you to completely focus on nothing but yourself.

We’re planning a lot of events this year; many will help local charitable organizations, like our recent Lydia House fundraiser! Thank you to everyone who donated. We ended up with overflowing boxes of clothes and goods, not to mention nearly $700 cash. The shelter folks were blown away by our clients’ generosity.

There’s more to come. We are planning to do more for charity –  and host more social events. Speakers, wine tastings, workshops, to name a few. Stay tuned!

If you have ideas for other events, let Kelli or Maggie know. It’s going to be a great year. And here’s the deal, you guys: Commit to the KP Lagree Method and getting older will make you stronger, leaner, more confident and happier.

Happy Anniversary not just to us – to all of you. We wouldn’t be here without the awesome women and men who dedicate themselves to this workout week after week, month after month, year after year.


KP Girls Kelli, Eva, Katrina, Lauren, Dawn, Jenn and Maggie

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Strength in numbers.

Cliché? Yes.

True? Also yes.

A study published in the Journal of Social Sciences found that people are drawn to the healthy behaviors of people around them – including the women and men they work out with.

In other words, getting fit in a pack works.

Ask anyone who reserves a class at KP Pilates Plus and they’ll tell you: the Lagree method is the toughest workout around. It’s the most effective. And it’s the most rewarding, especially since you’re in close proximity to other nine people who are also working hard to completely change and sculpt their bodies. We support and encourage each other in every single class with the help of our awesome certified Lagree Fitness instructors.

Those are some really cool things. And, for 30 days, we’re taking those feelings of community and camaraderie a step further.

Join us for the KP Pilates Plus third Annual Mega Strong Challenge. Between Friday, Feb. 1 and Saturday, March 2, we challenge you to complete 20 Lagree Megaformer workouts in 30 days.

That is five days a week for 30 days. Seriously.

What’s more, if you join the challenge you’ll give up alcohol, sugar, grains, dairy and soy for a month as embrace the renown Whole30 nutrition plan. The idea of the 30-day food program is to eliminate unhealthy cravings like sweets, caffeine and booze to restore a healthy metabolism, heal the digestive tract and balance the immune system.

Sign up in the studio, where you also can pick up copies of the Whole30 meal plans. They include options for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

Everyone at KP wants you to get healthy and in shape for spring by committing to the Lagree method and Whole30 to give your body a much-needed, healthy reset.

What’s more, we’ll do it together. Everyone who completes 20 classes next month is automatically registered to win awesome prizes – including a free month of classes. The KP Mega Strong Challenge lets you set your own goals and push your peers to succeed as well. We’ll all track how many times we come class on a chalkboard at the studio.

You can do anything for a month. Including this.

See you Feb. 1.

About KP Pilates Plus 

KP Pilates Plus is the only Lagree Fitness studio in Long Beach, California. We are conveniently located downtown along historic Pine Street, a thriving urban area recognized for its fitness facilities, healthy food options and exciting nightlife. KP Pilates Plus also offers sweat-inducing indoor cycling classes to complement your Lagree program. Questions? Email Kelli at

Research has shown that more than half of Americans resolve to lose weight and get in shape in the new year. That’s great, right?

Unfortunately, research also shows that more than 80 percent of people fail by the first or second week of February.

Make this year different.

KP Pilates Plus in downtown Long Beach, California is the antidote to giving up on your New Year’s fitness resolutions. How? Our clients see results in as little as two weeks. Two weeks. Most people quit because they don’t notice results after months of hitting the gym. With Lagree Fitness, you won’t want to give up. Instead, you will get addicted to how great you look and feel.

“Lagree is a proven method to build strong, beautiful bodies fast,” says Kelli Parsley, owner of KP Pilates Plus. “I have clients who have tried every other workout around, and none had seen the results that Lagree has brought them. At the same time, those who are new to exercise quickly discover that they don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get into amazing shape and sculpt the abs of their dreams.”

The benefits offered at KP Pilates Plus – the only Lagree Fitness studio in Long Beach – are many. Here are just a few.

  • A lean, strong, sculpted body in a short amount of time.
  • A stronger core, which leads to overall better health and wellness.
  • A calorie burn of up to 600 calories per 50-minute class that continues to boost your metabolism for 24 to 48 hours after you walk out the door.
  • A powerful confidence boost knowing you have worked harder than you ever have before.
  • A low-impact, challenging workout that is easy on joints and knees.
  • A fat-burning workout that makes sense and improves your body without the nonsense of spending hours on the treadmill and the weight room.
  • A sense of fun and community knowing that you are supporting women and men just like you achieve the results they thought were impossible.
  • And more.

Start the new year at KP Pilates Plus in downtown Long Beach. This is the workout celebrities and professional athletes are bragging about – and now it’s available to us all. Watch for specials – and make 2019 the year you get in the best shape of your life.

Happy New Year! Let’s get started.

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