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Lagree Instructor Spotlight: Eva Daily

Eva Daily’s voice is soft and soothing, almost Zen-like as she patiently explains how to perform the Lagree movements that make up the workouts she teaches at KP Pilates Plus. But make no mistake: Eva’s classes are intense. She pushes her students to break out of their comfort zones to leave the studio feeling stronger, […]

The World Needs Strong Women

March was Women’s History Month. Many of us quietly honored the women we admire; notable leaders, historical figures, fictional heroines, and our mothers, sisters and friends. But what about ourselves? Women are incredible. As March ends and April begins, we are grateful for the amazing women who walk into our studio every single day. Like […]

Why Slow is Better in Lagree

Lagree Fitness will give you fast results, slowly. Confused? Keep reading. The instructors at KP Pilates Plus and Lagree studios around the world count don’t count reps. Instead, they time the duration of each movement. The idea is to move through each exercise on the Megaformer at a controlled, slow tempo – it’s called an “effective […]

Is Lagree too Expensive?

Lagree Fitness isn’t cheap. But like many things that cost a little more, it’s worth it. Ever notice how different your feet feel when you’re walking down the street in a pair of heels you bought for $30 verses a pair that cost you a couple of hundred, if not more? The less expensive shoes […]

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with Lagree Fitness

Research has shown that more than half of Americans resolve to lose weight and get in shape in the new year. That’s great, right? Unfortunately, research also shows that more than 80 percent of people fail by the first or second week of February. Make this year different. KP Pilates Plus in downtown Long Beach, […]