Lagree Fitness will give you fast results, slowly.

Confused? Keep reading.

The instructors at KP Pilates Plus and Lagree studios around the world count don’t count reps. Instead, they time the duration of each movement.

The idea is to move through each exercise on the Megaformer at a controlled, slow tempo – it’s called an “effective tempo” by Lagree founder Sebastien Lagree – for a minimum of four slow counts.

Working out at an effective tempo forces the activation of the body’s slow-twitch muscle fibers. That’s the stuff that burns fat, boosts endurance and ultimately creates a well-defined physique.

What’s more, the Lagree method requires participants to stay in each movement for at least 60 seconds per upper body exercise and 120 seconds per lower body exercise, with no rest periods.

It’s a killer for sure. And four slow counts for a minute or two can feel like a lifetime. But it’s so worth it.

Many workouts encourage super-fast, explosive movements to encourage calorie burn. But the truth is, moving too quickly allows the body to use momentum, which poses the risk of injury and diminishes results.

Slowly igniting slow-twitch muscle fibers, though, burns a ton of calories – and keeps burning them for 24 to 48 hours after you leave the studio.

Pretty amazing, right?

Check this out: slow-twitch muscle fibers are not prone to bulking. That means giving your all – slowly – on the Megaformer will transform your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

So sloooooow doooooown ALREADY!  See you in class.

About KP Pilates Plus 

KP Pilates Plus is the only Lagree Fitness studio in Long Beach, California. We are conveniently located downtown along historic Pine Street, a thriving urban area recognized for its fitness facilities, healthy food options and exciting nightlife. KP Pilates Plus also offers sweat-inducing indoor cycling classes to complement your Lagree program. Questions? Drop us a note at

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