Lagree Fitness isn’t cheap. But like many things that cost a little more, it’s worth it.

Ever notice how different your feet feel when you’re walking down the street in a pair of heels you bought for $30 verses a pair that cost you a couple of hundred, if not more?

The less expensive shoes seem okay at first – but then excruciating pain sets in. You’ve gone from feeling glamorous to suffering from pinched toes and screaming arches. It is all you can do to hobble to your car so you can take them off and drive home barefoot.

The pricier, higher-quality heels, meanwhile, are comfortable and support your feet. You can dance all night in a pair of well-made shoes. They are an investment that will benefit you for years to come.

The same applies to fitness.

There are plenty of $10-a-month gym memberships around – but what do you really get out of it? There is no guidance; nobody explaining proper form to prevent injuries. And there certainly isn’t anyone around to encourage you to work hard, test your limits and never, ever give up so that you ultimately build muscle, shed fat and improve your overall health.

You see a lot of people leaving such places with bodies that look the same as they did the day they joined, which is often years before.

Lagree Fitness – offered in Long Beach exclusively at KP Pilates Plus – makes users lean, long, strong and sleek, with noticeable results in just a few short weeks. Those who buy a membership and commit to the Pilates-inspired workout can transform themselves into the person they have always wanted to be, inside and out.

Women and men of all ages and fitness levels benefit from Lagree.

“I have a client who now has the sculpted body she had been trying to achieve in 10 years of lifting weights and doing cardio at a traditional gym,” says Kelli Parsley, owner of KP Pilates Plus. “By the time she came into the studio, she was close to giving up. Lagree has given her fast results that she had started to believe were out of her reach.”

KP Pilates Plus has many different pricing options. If you buy a bigger class package, or a monthly unlimited package and attend regularly, you’ll end up saving money and bringing your overall price per class down.

With the average bypass surgery costing as much as $117,000 and the average back surgery starting at $100,000 – you really can’t put a price tag on your current and long-term health. It’s the most important investment you’ll ever make.

Get in shape. We can help.

About KP Pilates Plus

KP Pilates Plus is the only Lagree Fitness studio in Long Beach, California. We are conveniently located downtown along historic Pine Street, a thriving urban area recognized for its fitness facilities, healthy food options and exciting nightlife. KP Pilates Plus also offers sweat-inducing indoor cycling classes to complement your Lagree program. Questions? Email Kelli at

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